Erik L. Arneson
Erik L. Arneson


It’s November, and time for our next installment of Read, Listen, Watch! Since this month is all about elections in both our civic lives and our lodges, let’s learn more about democracy.

Important Dates This Month

  • Scottish Rite Reunion: November 4-5
    • Our Worshipful Master will be hard at work, so send him encouraging words!
  • Stated Meeting: Saturday, November 19th
    • We’re having elections this month!



  • Revolutions Podcast by Mike Duncan is a great podcast that explores the history of how some of our great democracies got started.


Okay, enough with the heavy lifting. Now let’s have something lighter.

  • Birthday Campout in a Rainforest — Support a brother’s YouTube channel! A small group of Freemasons (some familiar faces?) went camping at the Masonic Campground up in Washington earlier this year.